Nickel & Nickel Alloys Wire Cloth Weaving Materials


Nickel is noted for its corrosion resistance, good electrical conductivity and high heat-transfer properties. Wire mesh woven of nickel is used in pure food and drug processing among several other applications although nickel wire cloth is replaced frequently with stainless steel.

Monel 400

This alloy contains approximately 67% nickel, 28% copper and 5% other elements. It is essentially non-corrodible. Monel is more resistant to oxidation than copper and more resistant to reducing conditions than nickel.

Hastelloy B

This alloy is recommended for corrosion resistance to hydrochloric acid although it is usually not used for high temperature applications.

Hastelloy C

Offering good corrosion resistance to strong oxidizing agents, this alloy performs well at elevated temperatures in the range of 1600o to 1800o Fahrenheit.

Inconel 600

This alloy is high in nickel content (76% to 80%), combined with a chromium content of 14% to 16% is suitable high temperature applications where resistance to corrosion is required. Inconel is the preferred material for heat-treating baskets fabricated of woven wire cloth.

Incoloy 800

Similar to T-330 stainless steel, Incoloy has superior corrosion resistance and strength.