Knitted Mesh

Knitted Wire Mesh is created from round or flattened wires and is not limited to steel alloys. Different material types, such as metal as well as plastics and synthetic materials, like Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Nylon and Teflon can be created from different diameter wires, densities, structures and forming pressures to suit specific needs of the end-users.

Knitted mesh can be used in the automotive, electronics, aerospace, telecommunications, medical, military installations, marine and in technical enclosures for vibration control, sound reduction and attenuation, EMI shielding and liquid and gas filtration.

Crimped Knitted Mesh is used to weave compressed units for Frame Arrestors. Knitted Mesh is available in mesh rolls, circular or rectangular as Demister Pads, complete with filters and as compressed elements.

Knitted Mesh SQC Wire Mesh