Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Wire Weaving Material

A unique combination of properties makes aluminum one of our most versatile weaving materials. It is light in mass, yet some of its alloys have strengths greater than that of structural steel. It has high resistance to corrosion under the majority of service conditions and no colored salts are formed to stain adjacent surfaces or discolor products with which it comes into contact.

A word of caution should be mentioned in connection with the corrosion resistant characteristics of aluminum. Direct contacts should be avoided in the presence of an electrolyte; otherwise galvanic corrosion of the aluminum may take place in the vicinity of the contact area. Where other metals must be fastened to aluminum the use of a bituminous paint coating or insulating tape is recommended.


Pure Aluminum in the woven form is typically used where its light weight and corrosion resistance is more important than strength.


Containing magnesium, manganese and chromium, this non-heat treatable alloy is used most often for weaving wire cloth. 5056 contains 5% magnesium providing good corrosion resistance (particularly in marine atmospheres) and greater strength.